Recent Cases in 2016 – 2018:


Scandinavian – Polish BIO-ICT project: international transaction in respect of software development for healthcare entity.

KG Legal is engaged in negotiations in respect of tailored-made software development by the Polish IT company for a Scandinavian company operating in healthcare industry.



Dutch entity operating in Fin-Tech sector – Competition protection issues – Proceedings before the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

KG Legal is engaged in legal activities in the proceedings before the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection – in connection with the introduction of online financial instruments into the Polish market.



US-based IT company providing technology and consulting services sets up a business in Poland – Doing Business in Poland.

KG Legal provides comprehensive legal assistance in introducing the company into the Polish market, including the establishment of limited liability company, employee business immigration, tax consultations.



Private Client Desk – US private client – the acquisition of a luxurious property in Cracow, Poland.

KG Legal assists in the purchase of real property, providing comprehensive legal assistance, including the mortgage and security deposit issues.



Private Client Desk – An international Client – family law issues.

KG Legal is handling family law case covering the issues of child care, contacts with a child, acknowledgement of fatherhood and alimony as well as it acts on behalf of a foreign Client before Family Court in Poland.



International Client – Limited liability company with Swiss and German capital operating in life sciences sector – Clinical Trials Agreement.

KG Legal is engaged in the activities in respect of Clinical Trial Agreement in cross border cooperation with life science entities.



American ICT company – Business immigration issues.

KG Legal advises on business immigration of US-based company to Poland and provides comprehensive assistance in such issues as: work permits, residence permits, tax consultancy, employee’s issues, contracts with employees.



Swiss entity operating in the sector of engineering materials – R&D activities in the area of high tech composite structures.

KG Legal provides legal assistance and expertise to Swiss Client in the process of expanding its business operations in Poland. The assistance includes, among others, the establishment of limited liability company in Poland and finding business partners and subcontractors.



German entity operating in automotive industry – issues connected with industrial designs in automotive industry – regulating IP and Project Management issues.

KG Legal advises comprehensively in the legal aspects of the cooperation between the German investor and Cracow’s design office recommended by the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow.



Swiss investor – modern constructions developer engaged in Med-tech project with life science hub.

KG Legal represents a Swiss entity investing in the mobile clinic project in cooperation with Polish contractors and entities operating in life science industry



Private Client Desk – immigration law.

KG Legal advises the manager of the American civil engineering company in settling the issues of the Polish citizenship



Private Client Desk – cross border divorce and family law case for Arabic and Swiss Client.

KG Legal advises on the renegotiation of a divorce settlement concluded in Switzerland with a spouse – Polish resident, including legal assistance in issues connected with child support and child custody



Private Client Desk – cross border litigation and civil procedure.

KG Legal provides legal assistance to a Polish citizen residing in the UK in issues connected with civil proceedings pursued before the Polish court.



Polish IT entity providing software development services – cross border bodyleasing and NDA agreements.

KG Legal provides legal assistance to Polish software development company rendering cross border services with regard to non-competition, confidentiality and choice of jurisdiction issues.



British law firm – comprehensive legal assistance in cross border compensation case resulting from personal injury.

KG Legal provides comprehensive legal advice to a British law firm in a cross border personal injury case pending before the UK court and involving a Polish citizen injured in the UK. The legal assistance covers wide spectrum of issues, including assessment of heads of damages, tax planning, tax advice, representation before the Polish Family Court and complex certified translation of documents.



Foreign entity providing web platform for solutions in the automotive industry.

KG Legal advises in connection with the contract for the delivery of services by a foreign entity in relation with the online platform of data exchange, servicing and maintenance as well as management in automotive industry.



Maltese legal entity – family matters and foreign adoptions issues

KG Legal advises on the legalization of a foreign adoption agency before the Polish administrative authorities as well as in the process of obtaining accreditation



Private Client Desk – providing assistance to a Hungarian private client on the acquisition of real estate in Poland.

KG Legal represents foreign client in a dispute with Polish real estate developer and in connection with the purchase of real property in Poland, including issues related to advance payment, deposit and refund of the money paid to the real property developer



British law firm instructs KG Legal on behalf of its client – one of Big Four accounting firms.

KG Legal represents the Client in labour law case involving a Polish resident



Swiss company operating in Clean-tech sector – pursuing effective cooperation with the Polish technical university.

KG Legal assists a Swiss Clean-tech company in establishing its presence in Poland and commencing cooperation with the Polish technical university as a result of effective networking operations.