Who are our Clients?

KG Legal, as a Polish law firm, provides specialist expertise for corporate and private clients. We assist international entities in regulating their relations with Polish companies, government and administrative authorities and we assist in cross border litigations. We are often instructed by international law firms in respect of representing their clients in Poland, both in contentious and non-contentious matters.


Legal advice on cross border contracts:

  • Legal support in negotiating investment contracts with Polish business partners;
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating international contracts with Polish entrepreneurs;
  • Securing contractual interests in such transactions as sales, distribution or licensing to Poland;
  • Securing payment in Poland;
  • Conducting local and cross border negotiations with the Clients’ business partners in the Polish market;
  • Advising on contractual penalties;
  • Advising on security interests, mortgage, promissory notes, liens and registered pledges in Poland.

Private Client desk:

  • KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI LEGAL developed its Private Client desk services for HNW individuals and their businesses and Next Gen Wealth, including legal advice in wealth management; succession planning; investments across different asset classes; legal support in creating trust funds and tax optimization as well as advice and support on business and corporate structuring (MORE).
  • Representing foreign Clients in family cases before Polish family court, for example: divorce and separation cases involving Polish citizens, divorce settlements, child care; alimony, child abduction, guardianship;
  • Representing foreign Clients in inheritance cases before Polish court and Polish administrative authorities;
  • Assisting foreign Clients in buying real property for residential purposes in Poland;
  • Securing the interests of foreign consumers in buying real property in Poland;
  • Legal assistance in employment cases under Polish law.


Cross border litigation:

  • Advising on the most effective litigation strategy before Polish court;
  • Representing Clients and acting as Polish attorney in all court instances in Poland (Polish civil court, commercial court and administrative court);
  • Assistance in hearing a witness in Poland;
  • Representing Clients in arbitration and mediation in Poland (based on commercial mediation state licence)
  • Handling corporate disputes in Poland;
  • Pursuing cross border claims in the European order for payment procedure in Poland under the Regulation (EC) No 1896/2006;
  • Online writ of payment proceedings (representing Clients in Polish e-court).

Enforcement of foreign judgments in Poland, and debt recovery in Poland:

  • Obtaining judgments of Polish courts for Polish debtors,
  • Pre-court and out-of-court debt recovery in Poland;
  • Assessment of risk of debt recovery in Poland;
  • Filing lawsuits and claim forms in the Polish court,
  • Representing Clients in all instances in the Polish courts,
  • Debtor’s asset tracing with the Polish bailiff,
  • Obtaining Polish payment order against Polish or foreign debtor residing in Poland,
  • Assisting in enforcing a foreign judgment in Poland, including the enforcement procedure under Regulation (EU) No 1215/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 December 2012.


Compensation in cross border cases:

  • Representing foreign Clients in pre-court proceedings against Polish insurers;
  • Legal assistance in personal injury cross border cases;
  • Assessment of risk and heads of damages under Polish law;
  • Acting before Polish tax authorities and administrative authorities under Polish law;
  • Pursuing cross border claims against insurers in compensatory claims, traffic accidents, medical negligence, employee claims and real property in Poland or in case of Polish citizens abroad.

Business immigration to Poland:

  • Full legal service in establishing branches or representative offices in Poland;
  • Legal assistance in applying for and obtaining residence permits, visas and work permits for EU and non-EU nationals in Poland;
  • Assistance in choosing the most appropriate visa category in Poland;
  • Polish visas and residence permit for management of corporations;
  • Assisting in the acquisition of permanent residence in Poland by EU nationals;
  • Assisting in acquiring Polish business visas and a temporary stay permit to perform work in a profession requiring high qualifications;
  • Representation in all matters in the Polish embassy and consulate.