KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL advises on international trade transactions in the aspect of:

  • Negotiating contracts in international trade, including on the basis of the model contracts of the International Chamber of Commerce on the model of the AGENCY CONTRACT;
  • on the basis of the model agreement of the International Chamber of Commerce on the model of INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION;
  • model contract of the International Chamber of Commerce for International Sales for finished products intended for resale (publication no. 556);
  • contracts with the force majeure clause of the International Chamber of Commerce;
  • contracts with the nuisance clause of the International Chamber of Commerce;
  • negotiating sales rules based on INCOTERMS clauses and other delivery bases;
  • terms and security of payments in international trade, including regulations concerning international financial settlements and forms and financing of international trade transactions;
  • forwarding and transport of goods in international trade in the field of road, rail, sea, air and intermodal transport;
  • customs issues;
  • insurance in international trade, including insurance against risk related to transaction settlement;
  • documentation of goods in international trade.

Within this pillar of consulting, KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL has experience in advising foreign entities in all forms of international trade:

– direct and indirect international trade;

– direct export;

– indirect export;

– direct import;

– indirect import;

– transit trade;

– refining and reparation trade;

– trade in licenses and know-how;

– franchising;

– leasing;

– related, offsetting and barter transactions;

– export consortia;

– direct investments;

– forms of trading on organized markets.


– all kinds of intermediaries in international trade;

– agents;

– CIF – agents;

– commercial brokers;

– commission agents;

– distributors;

– intermediaries with special functions;

– suppliers to European Union countries through a Polish company located in the EU;


KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL advises international clients on regulatory aspects of trade in Poland, including in particular the exchange rate and trade policy measures, including tariff and quasi-tariff measures and foreign trade management.

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL advises on the legal aspects of the organization of international trade in an enterprise, on the legal aspects of blockchain technology and smart contracts used in logistics and settlement of transactions.

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI KG LEGAL advises on the full process of international trade:

– negotiating offers and the export and import transactions;

– aspects of international customs and commercial formulas (Incoterms);

– settlements and delays in payment in international trade;

– letters of credit under UCP 600 Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits;

– customs and customs procedures;

– foreign trade financing;

– transport and forwarding of goods in international trade;

– insurance in foreign trade.

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI advises foreign clients on risk in foreign trade and ways to minimize it, and represents clients in resolving disputes with Polish contractors.

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI represents its foreign clients in international settlements in such cases as:

– rules of international settlements;

– infrastructure for international settlements;

– tied transaction in international trade, including issues with the participation of a bank and quasi-banking institutions with cryptocurrency settlement;

– payments in an open account;

– payment orders;

– bills of exchange in foreign trade;

– issues of documentary letters of credit;

– bank and insurance guarantees;

– functioning of the foreign exchange market;

– credit as a source of financing foreign trade;

– factoring and forfaiting in foreign trade.

KIELTYKA GLADKOWSKI advises on the legal aspects of exchange risk management and derivatives in exchange risk management.